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Billet C-Cup suspension: Platinum VIP




Just got off the phone with John over at Platinum. Not sure if others have known about their latest and greatest Cup kits (similar to Roberuta).

This is what I know:

- They claim the system is compatible with all coilovers.
- Height travel inbetween 4-5″ inches (depending on vehicle and dampers)
- When fully inflated, Cup holds 48 PSI.
- Highest grade materials used
- Fittings, guages, lines, etc are supplied by AAC Airrunner
- Tank and Compressor supplied by AutoGear.

The system retails for over $4,400. The current special is $3,000 installed for all 4 corners. Currently, they have 7 plus cars with this system mainly in the Southern California area.

Is this truly better than Roberuta? Only time will tell.

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