It’s a BMW! It’s a Benz! Wait, it’s an Accord!

Would you believe me if I told you this project started off with a Honda Accord Platform? Trust me, I didn’t. Found this browsing through the Wrong Fitment Crew Forums and just like the Honda Odyssey with the BMW front end that Dave posted awhile back, this is another fine example of someones crazy imagination in real life!

You want to click MORE!Obviously it doesn’t look an Accord anymore and with that said the one word that comes to mind is “Custom”. The front end from a 5 series BMW and the rear from a C class Benz, tons of VIP bits and pieces, redone interior and of course the limousine stretch! For some of you this may be just a little bit too much, but I can honestly say that I really appreciate custom work like this, when you know a lot of the time and sweat was put into it. My hats off to the owner and/or the shop that created this masterpiece!

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