GS300 Kam’s Luscious Junction Produce (апрель 2010)

Авто Месяца

“Don’t let anything or anyone get in the way of creating your dream car” Kam Vaswani

The VIP scene being such a huge inspiration from the motherland, Japan, it has really grown over the past year, and there is no doubt that it’s getting bigger day by day. With the many different VIP platform choices to mess with out there, the top pick seems to be the Lexus GS second generation. So, rather than bore you on stuff you already know, lets get into the finer details of Kam’s Lexus.

No amateur to the scene, Kam Vaswani does it again, but this time with a hint of suave. Coming from the popular Honda family, a fully wire tucked K20 hatch from Orlando, modding cars was his first language. Sadly it was snatched up by some low life thieves and that story came to a heartbreaking end. But my question is, should we be thanking them? After 18 months of hardship, time and love, Kam Vaswani decided to come back with a punch. Introducing his Lexus GS300 to the public for the first time at the JM Lexus meet in Margate, Florida.

Kam debuted his GS at the JM Lexus meet a couple weeks ago, and was awarded “2nd Best Lexus”. This past weekend Titan Motorsports held their grand opening event and Kam proudly took the “Best Stance” award. For rolling out of the body shop just a couple weeks ago, this is an awesome start! This is only a fresh new beginning for Kam, as he already spilled out his next major modifications in our last conversation.

This isn’t the last time you will see Kam’s GS300, so keep an eye out as it’s schedule for bigger and better plans. We hope for to get updates soon and best of luck to Kam and the rest of the gang at Team Solo in 2010!

Modification List:
Exterior :
Junction Produce Authentic 16 piece Kit
Junction Produce 3 piece Trunk Spoiler
Junction Produce Roof Spoiler
Junction Produce Hood Bonnet
Custom Wide Front Fenders 10mm
Custom Wide Rear Quarter Panel 11mm
Insurance Co Rear Tail Light Modification
GS400 Auto Leveling Headlights with HID highbeam and fog lights
Kazz Sports Authentic Grill
Junction Produce Hood Emblem
Junction Produce Rear 3D Emblem

Interior :
Black Suede Dash with White Double Stiching
Black Leather Seats with Black Suede Inserts in diamond stiching and white
double stiched
Black Suede Headliner
Junction Produce Headrest all around
Custom Rear Vip Table
Squash Air Freshener ;P
Junction Produce white fusa
Junction Produce gold kituna

Entertainment :
Pioneer Avic F90BT
MB Quarts 6 1/2 Component Front Doors
MB Quarts 6 1/2 Component Rear Doors
JL Audio 300/4 Amp
JL Audio 500/1 Amp
JL Audio 2 10w7 Subwoofer
Ipod Touch

Suspension/Wheels/Brakes :
19×10 Front Leon Harditte Beils
19×11 Rear Leon Harditte Beils
Megan Racing LP Package Suspension
Embertek 6 piston Big brake kit

Engine :
Rod Millen Strut Bar
K&N Air Intake

Thank you to the following:
Vipstylecars.com, Aclass Paint & Autobody, Freddie @ Autofashionusa, Tony @ Luxury Mods, ClubLexus, Hellaflush, TeamSolo.net, Stanceworks, Roy@Canibeat and anyone else who helped on this project.

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